NASSCOM BigData & Analytics Summit - 2016


The 4th NASSCOM Big Data and Analytics Summit which was on 23rd June and 24th June, 2016 was crafted on the theme, “Rise of Algorithms and AI: Complexity to Competitive  Advantage”. This summit focussed on how organizations can marry algorithm-based technologies to the realities of the marketplace and how to put an effective machine learning capability in place that builds on the promise of Big Data.
Key themes which were covered at this summit were:
  • 1.Demystifying AI
  • 2.Unstructured data and Natural Language Processing
  • 3.Reducing the Complexity of Big Data for Business Use
  • 4.The Human Face of Big Data and the Internet of Things
  • 5.Data Complexity in Machine Learning
  • 6.Customer Intelligence: The next frontier for customer experience
  • 7.Design Thinking & Analytics 

Venue: HICC, Hyderabad, India

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Date: 23rd & 24th June 2016

Strategic Partnership

Rise of Algorithms and AI: Complexity to Competetive Advantage

Insight, Impact, Innovation

Nasscom BigData & Analytics Summit - 2016

Rise of Algorithms and AI: Complexity to Competetive Advantage


Anticipating customer needs: Customer Lifecycle Management in the age of AI

Customer lifecycle management practices have been around for several decades. Companies have built intelligent customer acquisition, retention and value management practices and claim to really understand the customer context, anticipate her needs and help her in her overall decision journey. However, our day to day experience as a consumer is often very different. This session focuses on what isn't working, evolving customer expectations (such as personalization and relevance) and how advances in AI/Machine learning may be able to help.

Srikanth Velamakanni, Co-founder & CEO, Fractal Analytics

P&G is well-known for having institutionalized a data driven decision making culture, especially with its award winning Business Sphere - an immersive visualization and real time problem solving environment. This talk focuses on how P&G is pushing the envelope on using machine learning and algorithms to move from analyst supported decision making to algorithm and machine enabled decision making. 

Guy Peri, Chief Data officer, Procter & Gamble   

Analyst to Algorithms - Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Humans vs Algorithms: Taking the Human element out of Big Data

Sooner or later algorithms will rule the planet, but meanwhile humans are still calling the shots. This panel will focus on why human behavior sometimes is driving towards adoption of new technologies such as Big Data and Internet of Things, while sometimes it more properly slows down usage of those same promising technologies. The speakers explore in which domains things might go slow and where development will be fast and furious and also gives pointers on how enterprises and providers can position for a fast track, rather than a dead-end street.

Vyom Upadhyay, Head Business Intelligence, ICICI Bank

Innovation at scale: The three “P” strategy 

How do companies build the right People, Process and Platform strategy as the enablers for a successful analytics practice? This panel discusses the talent gaps in analytics, talks about building platforms like design thinking, AI and challenges for using these platforms in the process of effective decision making.

Aneesh Chaudhry, Global Analytics Director, Unilever


Vijayananda J, Senior Director Analytics, Philips Healthcare


Anand Chandrasekran, Co-founder and CEO, Mad Street Den 

Ashwin Apte, Data Scientist, Hike Messenger

Mayur Datar, Principal Scientist, Flipkart 
John Brahim, CEO Insigths & Data , Capgemini
Kevin Pool, CTO, TIBCO Asia
Sudhansu Singh, COO - Analytics & Research, Genpact
Ashish Sinha, Country Head, Epsilon @EpsilonMktg


Rajiv Onat, Sr. Director- Analytic Product Development, WNS


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