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Expert Talk - Placing Customer Centricity at the Heart of Healthcare

How analytics can significantly help payers drive improvements in customer experience by effectively managing patient's health needs and care decisions, resolving concerns related to billing, coverage and claims thereby earning customers' trust and loyalty.
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Blog - Four best practices to capture customer centric data and deliver personalized experiences

It highlights challenges companies face in delivering personalized experiences. It further discusses four best practices to capture customer-centric data and how to strike the right balance between data privacy and personalization. 
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White paper - Measure and implement CLTV to make better and informed decisions

It explains CLTV model and implementation of the processes required by an organization to get CLTV-aligned. It also helps to understand the advantages of being a CLTV-aligned organization.
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Fractal Analytics announces major expansion, appoints Pranay Agarwal as CEO
Fractal Analytics announced significant expansion and a new corporate structure as it moves forward in its quest to power every human decision in the enterprise.
As part of this structure, Fractal will be organized into four distinct entities – Fractal Analytics, Customer Genomics & Trial Run, and

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November 2016